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A Child Dreams of Sharks Dream Interpretation star
One of the most common dreams is of being surrounded by sharks. They even appear in the dreams of little children.

Airplane Crash Dream Interpretation star
This dreamer sees three airplanes dipping low to the ground but only one crashes. He wakes up terrified.

Ascending a Tower Dream Interpretation star
A tower is a powerful symbol with many different meanings. Context and other dream images are important for accurate dream interpretations that involve a tower.

Badminton Dream Interpretation star
Badminton is a fast-paced game that uses a birdie instead of a ball. But this dreamer keeps getting the birdie tangled in the net. Here is what the dream means.

Black Carriage Dream Interpretation star
A man, dressed in black with a tall black hat, drives a black carriage pulled by a black horse. This is a death symbol.

Car Killing People Dream Interpretation star
In this terrifying dream, a speeding car hits and kills one person after another.

Cat Stops Car Dream Interpretation star
This man has recurring dreams that his pet cat walks into the road to stop speeding sports cars. What could this mean?

Charming Snake Dream Interpretation star
As a dreamer sleeps in bed, a snake slithers up her body. The dreamer awakens only to be frozen in fear as the snake sways back and forth in front of her face. What does this dream mean?

Childbirth Dream Interpretation star
This dreamer is busy helping a woman prepare for childbirth while she feels her own baby arriving through the birth canal.

Chimpanzee Stealing Kitten Dream Interpretation star
Smart chimps can be manipulative and this one stole the dreamer’s precious kitten! This seemingly silly dream was a serious answer to a waking life dilemma.

Crossing Bridge Dream In Space Interpretation star
A fascinating dream interpretation about crossing a glass dome-covered bridge in outer space. It was terrifying for this young dreamer but all is well when you know what it means.

Devil Dragged Me to Hell Dream Interpretation star
In the realm of evil figures, there are demons of all kinds but nothing frightens unsuspecting dreamers like the devil himself.

Dirty Fat Pigs Dream Interpretation star
A daughter dreams that she and her mother walk by a large pen of fat, muddy pigs with enormous nostrils. What does this strange dream mean?

Dreaming of the Ex Dream star
We often dream about our past but it is unsettling to dream about an ex-lover, especially when we’re in a committed relationship with someone else.

Failing High School Dream Interpretation star
Long after she graduated from high school in her waking life, this person dreams that her school counselor says she can’t graduate because she skipped—and failed—social studies. What could this dream mean?

Golden Bee Playing a Piano Dream Interpretation star
A curious dream about a golden bee playing the piano with its stinger. What in the world could this mean?

Golden Bee Playing Piano Dream Interpretation star
A curious dream about a golden bee playing the piano with its stinger. What in the world could this mean?

Horse Being Eaten Dream Interpretation star
Animals surround and devour a brown horse in this disturbing dream.

House Attacking Me Dream star
This dreamer finds that his house comes alive and tries to kill him. In dream language, a house is a representation of the self so why is he trying to do himself in?

House Attacking Me Dream Interpretation star
A man has recurring nightmares about being trapped in a house that is attacking him. Let's take a closer look to learn what this dream is trying to tell him.

Lisa´s Dream Logs star[offsite link]
Lisa has been keeping dream diaries since 1997. Interesting patterns have emerged.

Missing the Train Dream Interpretation star
Group transportation means collective progress so when this dreamer misses the train or bus, he’s feeling left behind the crowds.

Multiple Selves and Angel Dream star
In this dream, a dying man sees three figures of himself arguing as an angel descends from above to observe. This was no ordinary dream.

Pearl in Oyster Dream Interpretation star
A man sits in a shallow tidepool, shucking oysters. He finds an opalescent pearl in each one, but tosses both shell and gem aside as he continues shucking oysters. What could this dream mean?

Pearl in Oyster Dream Interpretation star
A man shucks oysters by the sea and finds many beautiful pearls but he casts them aside in search for more. What does this dream mean and what can it tell him?

Seeing Three of Me and an Angel Dream star
A man dreams of seeing three images of himself and an angel. What could this mean? Actually, this was quite a profound dream. Read the interpretation to see if you agree.

Shopping Mall Dream Interpretation star
Dreaming of a shopping mall is about life’s endless array of choices. What are you shopping for?

Snake Bite Dream Interpretation star
To dream of being bitten by a snake indicates there is a chance of being hurt by someone or something devious. But who or what is it? Even one’s own suspicious thoughts can be a threat.

Tidal Wave Takes Child Dream Interpretation star
In this terrifying dream, a child is snatched from the arms of its mother by a ferocious ocean wave. Here is the interpretation.

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